Landing Page Not Converting? Time for a Funnel


You’re set.

Your landing page is up with product snap shots proudly displayed. A stunning “Buy Now” button is prominently featured on the web page and customers can get facts on pricing, color selection, more than one product alternatives, and greater. You’re even succeeded in using a small quantity of visitors on your web page.

There’s simply one itty bitty trouble: customers are not buying. And you have no clue why. What the hell?!?

You beg buddies, mentors, and boards for advice. one funnel away funnel

Lower your price.

The price is just too low, enhance it.

You have too many alternatives on the homepage.

The wording on that page is complicated.

Use a different font for the header, it’s no longer clean to read.

The colour is not professional.

…And so on, until your head is spinning like a hungover coed on a Tilt-A-Whirl. Who is proper? Where must I begin? Should I just percent all of it in?

Simmer down, Beavis, we’ve an answer for you: funnels. No, no longer the type you used to do at university events with uber-reasonably-priced beer and a completely moist t-blouse.

We’re speakme conversion funnels, sweetness.

The hassle with maximum new muse web sites is which you, the builder, don’t have any concept what on each web page reasons customers to go away for greener pastures. If you’ve got your Unique Value Proposition (UVP,) pricing facts, shipping statistics, and a couple of product picks on a unmarried web page, how will you recognize which become the straw that broke your person’s again?

You cannot.

There’s an easy restoration, however: create a conversion funnel that affords every product point on a exceptional page. What does a funnel seem like, you ask? A sample funnel might be:

homepage (containing your UVP) -> pricing web page (pricing info best) -> delivery web page (shipping options) -> order page (quite simple order form) -> credit score card shape -> affirmation web page

With a page float like this, it is smooth as blueberry pie to decide which elements of your pitch suck like a Dyson. If most customers drop out on your homepage, your UVP needs assist or you have got poorly qualified site visitors. If users are bailing to your pricing web page, you want to modify your charge significantly up or down. Etc.

Once your funnel is installation, create a Google Analytics “Goal” or KISSMetrics “Funnel” so that you can song customers’ development via it. With even small amounts of site visitors you may quickly be capable of see wherein the most important percent of your customers are ditching.

Have a study the offending web page and formulate a speculation approximately what would make the page higher – better rate; shorter, more emotional UVP; fewer (or no) transport options, and many others. Then cut up test your speculation with the aid of doing the following:

1) Create a 2nd version of the web page that incorporates your new UVP, pricing statistics, testimonials, and many others.

2) Set up a break up check experiment the usage of Google Web Optimizer (if demand warrants it we’re going to cowl this in element in a destiny submit)

three) Monitor customers’ progress via the break up take a look at

If the new edition performs considerably higher than the primary, then your speculation is correct and you should go together with the new edition. If there’s no trade or it plays worse than the unique page, you have been wrong and it’s time to formulate a new speculation.

More regularly than now not your hypotheses will haven’t any effect whatsoever. Don’t be discouraged; that is part of the manner of perfecting your Muse. Keep going.

Repeat this till you’ve maximized the conversion charge in your funnel, then shrink the funnel to as few pages as possible to make the purchase technique faster and extra user-pleasant.

Some may also argue that the usage of a lengthy funnel will harm your conversion rate as it will increase the variety of hoops that a consumer has to undergo. However, this early in the Muse advent timeline it’s far greater crucial to get data approximately how your sales manner works than it’s miles to blindly maximize conversions.

I’d as an alternative have $50 in income/day from a high-converting, well-understood sales process than $1,000/day from an opaque technique. The former is without difficulty scaled to (and past) the latter. The latter is extraordinarily tough to scale and may even drop to 0 with any alternate to the site.

Now move forth and funnel.